Sariki, was born in Abia State, Nigeria on early hours of 23rd May 1963. Adaorisa, who has been paid for adoption of a boy, was in charge of his delivery. His mother Juan gave birth to eight girls. She needed a boy so as to stop given birth because there was so much value attributed to baby boys then for inheritance and linage continuation. So he was the ninth child.

Dona was Sariki’s father’s name. Dona was a missionary in a neighbouring community. When he was uncomfortable of the unusual size of his wife’s belly, sent Juan to his home country to be taken care of by his mother, whom he believed had much experience in caring for pregnant women.

Juan appeared in Holy Rosary Hospital owned by Roman Catholic Church for delivery with his sister in-law; Nora-only to be told that she must be baptized and be converted according to Roman Catholic doctrine before she delivered there.

“See God is one…My husband is a missionary in Christ Missionary Society and he will not be happy to hear that without his notice, I went ahead to be re-baptized” Juan answered in pains from contraction.

Adaorisa got angry with her and left her uncared for. Juan felt pressed, but when she entered the pit toilet, a baby boy struggled to the dirty floor and almost fell into the pit. Apprehensively, she beckoned to Nora who lifted the boy from the entrance of the pit toilet with rains of blood.

They went to the nurses to receive care but the boy died after few minutes. Juan became unconscious on seeing that cake in the time of famine varnish to the underworld for no serious reason. It was then that Adaorisa’s conscience pricked her to help them but the awful havoc has been done.

She checked and suspected that another baby might be in Juan’s womb. On reaching the stretcher, she found another head of a baby willing to greet the world.

“Push…!” Adorisa adhered and Sariki cried like a cymbal on seeing the dark cloud.

Juan who was dying struggled to check if it was her desired but Adaorisa never allowed her. Juan gave up the next minute. Adaorisa succeeded in giving Sariki out to a soldier serving in Abia State who was about to go back his country home on retirement. His name was Terlumon Sariki from Benue State unknown to any living being after she killed Nora. It was unknown to Adaorisa that Nora has given a mark on Sariki on the baby bed.

Sariki grew up in Benue State, became successful and gave birth to wealthy children. On Jerry’s, his first son’s wedding day, James a youth corps member attended his wedding and caused uproar. James was like Jerry seen over the mirror. Sariki questioned his resemblance with his son to a point of collecting his contact to discuss later.

“This mark on your face is like the Roman numeral mark on my aunties’ faces” James pointed out boldly.
Dona was Sariki’s biological father who later became a king without a good son like him that the community could accept to govern them after his demise. James was Chinatu’s son. Chinatu was the immediate elder sister of Sariki and the mother of James the “corper”.

It was through Sariki’s meeting with James that brought about his tracing his route. He succeeded Dona his father against the wish of his step mother’s family. Sariki became the King of Ndisiumu Autonomous Community in Abia State.

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